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Remove the noise. Focus on what matters.

Take the complication out of trading & simplify your charts with Ai1 Indicator.

About Ai1 Algo

Keep it Simple


The Problem

Many traders have the problem of not having consistency due to not being able to react adequately and with the speed that the stock market requires in order to obtain the highest profitability on their entries.


The false solution

Many of these Traders simply start looking for common indicators and end up with 20 drawings, 4 or 5 separate indicators and each one tells you something different, which creates confusion and ultimately monetary losses

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The real solution

Experienced Traders already know that there is no indicator in the world that predicts what will happen in the future, but there is this algorithm, that quickly shows you bullish or bearish signals based on complex mathematical calculations that a Human being cannot do quickly to be able to enter or exit a position, this indicator gives us the necessary tool to be able to do your DD with greater precision.

How it works

Powerful Simplicity


Simple on the surface, intelligent underneath.

Our proprietary algorithm bot is connected to private live data to provide the most accurate buy & sell points possible. Also included, Ai1 Algo provides other tools like auto trend recognition, Market sentiment, automatic support & resistance lines, bullish and bearish alerts, filters by moving average, volume, VWAP, and much more.


Any trade, any time.

Ai1 Algo works on any market, anytime. That includes stocks, crypto, currency, futures, options and more. Signals happen in real time, once a candle closes, and never repaints signals.


Never miss another oportunity

Get access to automated bullish or bearish alerts in real-time for stocks, crypto, and forex to your Movil, tablet, computer and email. Also, as a Trading Bullies Premium member, you can set up custom alerts on any ticker and in any time period that reaches your phone directly via push notifications, SMS.


Trade with the trend, Highlighter background green or red depending on the trend to help you manage emotions.

Colored Up trend and Down trend signals.

Customizable alarms directly to your phone,tablet,computer and email through TradingView

Change color of candles based on any moving average EMA

Interactive trade manager that helps with stop loss, trailing stop and take profits signals by %

Bullish and bearish Volume per candle and daily read outs.

Higher height,lower lows,lower heights and higher lows signals.

Show MACD movement on the candles as small triangles right on the candles to avoid using multiple extra indicators

English and Spanish friendly

No need to pay for TradingView memberships.

Customer service and set up assistance 24/7

Up and down trend signals turn grey when given in oversold or overbought areas

Filter signals by a set volume amount per candle

Moving average filter can be SMA,EMA,DEMA,TEMA,WMA,VWMA,HULLMA

Filter signals with VWAP daily,weekly,monthly or yearly.

State of the art smart Ai Market sentiment indicator.

Trade with Ai smart support and resistance levels that can be shown as dots or lines in the chart.

Signal when there is a break of support and resistance

Bullish and bearish price action showing possible engulfing patterns and other patterns.

Works in any market including forex and crypto.

Does not repaint all signals are given in real time and do not change after even if it was not accurate as other fake algorithms.

Only $59.99 per month introductory plan.


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